The term “Kabuzi” stands for “Kaum Muda Bukit Zion”, which means Mt. Zion’s Youth. We realize that it’s important for us, as Christian young people, to shine as the light and to keep up with our generations nowadays. And to make those things happen, we are working through some creative ministries that collaborate to hold some interesting, fun yet thematic youth services. Our creative ministries consist of some divisions; such as Creative Service that creates a thematic service with amazing details regularly that is usually called HYPERCELL, Creative Design and Animation that always make sure our event gets an outstanding publication, decors, and sophisticated animations, HOST that always ready to greet the new comers, and also Food and Beverage Service that delivers food service into a creative way. Besides, we also have small groups that are usually called YOUTH SUPERCELL, where some young people can share, praise and worship God, have fun and Biblical time together. We’re doing all of these things for only one purpose, which is to make our LORD YESHUA attractive to all (Phillipians 1:9-11 — MSG).

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